Sarthak Ahuja

Robotics Graduate Student at Carnegie Mellon University

Someday I want to build truly adaptive intelligent systems which are capable of not just co-existing but co-evolving alongside us humans. While my technical research background has been scattered in statistical machine learning methods, geometric computer vision and image understanding, planning and decision making in multi-agent networks, natural language processing for information extraction; my philosophical research interests continue to revolve around the mysteries of human cognition and how their application in Robotics can enable these systems to better collaborate (understand, communicate, act) with us and eventually become entities that are welcomed as our everyday companions.

Like most people I am thoroughly entertained by science-fiction literature and drama around Robotics/AI no matter how dark, bleak and apocalyptic it might sound. Even though a part of me would love to witness the singularity for the excitement and storyline such a situation would provide; when saner thoughts prevail my motivation behind pursuing the field is to enhance human capability. I believe there are two kinds of things we are not supposed to be doing (or at least not alone) -

I see Robotics/AI as evolutionary catalysts capable of inherently solving fundamental problems beyond these automations - particularly breaking social-constructs that dictate the role an individual plays in society.

TL;DR: I want a robot to make a sandwich for me.

When I am not working, I am quite open to meeting people for discussing ideas and opportunities or even engaging in collaborative aimless wondering about anything but. Find my contact details here.