Sarthak Ahuja

I am a Research Masters student at the Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. I work with Prof. Henny Admoni and Prof. Aaron Steinfeld as a member of the Human and Robot Partners (HARP) Lab and the Transportation, Bots and Disabiliities (TBD) Lab.

Someday I want to build truly adaptive socially intelligent systems which are capable of not just co-existing but co-evolving alongside us humans. While my technical research background is in the domains of machine learning, computer vision, and multi-agent systems; my philosophical research interests revolve around the mysteries of human cognition and evolution. I am interested in (a) exploring existing and ongoing research on human cognition and behaviour, thereby gaining an insight into how humans perceive, think about and interact with with other social agents and the physical environment , and (b) developing methods for robotics systems that can take advantage of these insights to enhance robot learning and interaction capabilities in human spaces.

I see Robotics and AI as evolutionary catalysts capable of latently solving fundamental problems beyond automation - even breaking social-constructs that dictate the role an individual plays in society. These ground-breaking offerings rest on the precondition that robots are welcomed into our personal and public spaces as trust-worthy and capable companions. I am fascinated by the fact that both these requirements go beyond conventional robotics research that work really well in isolatation, but is far from functioning autonomously in the actual real world scenarios.

My current research is focused on enabling robots to -

TL;DR: I want to make socially intelligent and physically aware robots because that's the only way they are coming into our homes.

When I am not working, I am open to engaging in collaborative aimless wondering about these topics. Find my contact details here.