Data Challenges/Hackathons

VoteChain Hack InOut 2017

Winner, Consensys Prize
Team Size: 1
Team Member(s): Manan Gakhar, Joydeep Mondal
Technologies/Concepts: Etherium Blockchain, OpenCV, Python Flask

We design and implement a system based on a blockchain architecture and face recognition for the conducting indian election. Our solution deals with many of the persistent problems in the process -

  • Counting Delays: Often a delay in announcing poll results. Needless effort spent on exit polls.
  • Tedious Process: Aggregating votes from all machines is a tedious process.
  • Easy Voter Fraud: Voter Cards are Easily Duplicable.
  • Lack of Trust: Who is responsible for miscounting?
  • Privacy Invasive: Apprehensive to biometrics. Can be tricked into identity theft.
  • Voter Proxy: Voter proxy in exchange for bribes is very common
  • Scalability: Difficult to set up centres in remote areas.
  • Technophobia: Apprehension to use technology beyond EVMs in voting procedure.


Middle Man Hack InOut 2016

Team Size: 2
Team Member(s): Danish Goel
Technologies/Concepts: Android, OpenCV, Face Recognition, Text Completion, Haven OnDemand APIs

Middleman aids the text communication you have with anyone by acting as middle filter. We build a texting application as a bot with access to the front camera which can see the user type and based on his/her emotional state (in our case binary - good/bad mood) gather enough context to make it’s text predictions smarter.


Disperz Code For India 2016

Team Size: 3
Team Member(s): Naman Gupta, Srishti Sengupta
Technologies/Concepts: Android, Javascript

Efficient dispersal system for public monuments, with QR code check-in system. Enables visitors to have an optimised guided tour by controlling the crowd density using their smartphones.


Sticky Agent Androidathon 2015

Team Size: 4
Team Member(s): Manan Gakhar, Naman Gupta, Shreyansh Jain
Course: Android Hackathon (Akosha)
Technologies/Concepts: Android, Google Cloud APIs

Prototype of a group messaging service for customer complaint redressal. We created a mobile application to file complaints and reconnect the customer with the same agent on his/her issue follow-up to remove the requirement of the customer explaining the problem again(Hence, the word “sticky”). For each complaint, we created a chatroom which remained active until the customer was satisfied with the solution. The complaint orchestrator could add the required people and delegate or follow up on the progress in real time. Our team finished in the top 10 among 25 teams.