SLAM in Egocentric Videos

Guide: Dr. Saket Anand, Dr. Chetan Arora
Team Size: 1
Time Period: Jan'15-May'16
Technologies/Concepts Used: Matlab, ROS, C++, Visual Studio, Lie Algebra, Pose Estimation, Visual Odometry, Structure From Motion, Bundle Adjustment

Body mounted and vehicle cameras are becoming increasingly popular with the Internet overflowing with content from car dashboards, video bloggers, and even law enforcement officers. Analyzing these videos and getting more information about the anonymous entity has become a growing topic of study among vision groups across the world. A challenging task in this area of work is of localizing the anonymous entity in its surroundings without the use global systems such as GPS (which may prove to be unfeasible, unreliable or erratic in many situations). In this report we present a comprehensive study of Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM) algorithms evaluating their application in detecting egomotion in egocentric videos, finally leading to the development of a Visual Positioning System.