Multi-Agent Path Planning in Warehouse Butlers

Guide: Dr. Sandip Aine
Team Size: 2
Team Member(s): Anchita Goel
Course: Artificial Intelligence
Time Period: Aug'15-Dec'15
Technologies/Concepts Used: Java AWT, Java Graphix, Multi-Agent A Star,

The boom in the e-commerce industry has lead to the cropping up of a large number of warehouses all over the globe. Automating the delivery processes in these warehouses is a growing requirement to achieve a reduced cost in terms of manpower and increased efficiency in terms of time taken. Multi-agent path planning is a crucial aspect of this challenge. Naive approaches such as a complete A* over all combination of butlers and targets do not work in this case due to the huge statespace and neither does Local Repair A* where each butler selfishly moves toward the target and replans only on collision in a blindfolded manner. In this project we have implemented the MAPP algorithm and prepared a Simulation bench to run any placement of walls, butlers and items, by hacking an opensource version of pacman. We evaluate multiple simulations of butlers and warehouse architectures, and detail our observations on the same.