Guide: Dr. Ponnurangam Kumaraguru
Team Size: 6
Team Member(s): Saumya Jain, Aditi Mithal, Manan Gakhar, Danish Goel, Sumit Keswani
Course: Designing Human Centered Systems
Time Period: Jan'16-May'16
Technologies/Concepts Used: Android, User Interviews, Affinity Diagrams, High/Low Fidility Prototyping, Design Principles

Fettle is a highly intuitive food recommendation cum fitness tracking android application. Besides just allowing a user to order food from nearby restaurants or track their physical activities, the application closed the loop by integrating both the experiences and enabled a user to stay in control of his/her health. Based on a person’s physique/targeted physique on the food ordering menu, the application sorts the food items based on a user calorie requirements for the day. The system also tracked the fitness activity of the user and allowed for this food ranking to get relaxed if the person had been working out well. Alongside all the functionality, the application was highly intuitive and minimal in design, completely abstracting the user from the underlying complexity and not overloading him/her with these functions.