Guide: Dr. Rahul Purandre
Team Size: 4
Team Member(s): Manan Gakhar, Danish Goel, Chaitanya Kumar
Course: Practice of Programming
Time Period: Jan'15-May'15
Technologies/Concepts Used: Android, Parse, Javascript, Lint, SonarQube

Often offline storage runs out on mobile devices, and the user then needs to store data either on cloud, or on external media. We propose a solution, wherein the user needn’t be concerned about the security of their data in the cloud, by simply storing it on a dedicated space on one of his trusted peers, at the luxury of a network. We have implemented an application that allows multiple users to share some space on each of their drives (offline storages). This is achieved by initially setting up a fixed amount of space on each user’s local drive, required for the purpose of the application. Once a user issues a request to his/her list of “friends”, it can be accepted for storing the user’s data.