soberCV - Customizable Resume Template

Finally I found some free time to setup my own website. It was very surprising that I couldn’t find a good enough resume template to meet my most simple needs - minimal in design, maximal in functionality. It was the same old story- the good ones were paid and the free ones were’nt good enough. Well this did inspire me to make one for myself and I am glad I did. I hope it comes in handy to undergraduate engineers and researchers for showcasing their work without much effort. This site is based on Jekyll with base templates coming from poole and hyde. I call it soberCV. It is made keeping in mind my favorite design principle - KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid. Some features that distinguish it form the conventional static pages are:

If you find soberCV impressive and meeting your needs, I am soon going to opensource is for anyone to fork from the link given in the bottom left corner.

PS: Some parts of my site are still under construction, will be updated soon.