Meri Awaaz

Meri Awaaz is India’s first platform that Connects Citizens with their Netas and Government officials for Open, Accessible and Accountable Governance. It is mobile-first realtime public engagement tool that makes catching up with the work being done in your area as easy as following up your timeline.

During Elections, you can follow all candidates from your constituency and their activities while also engaging them in discussions around issues that are relevant to you. You can also ask questions to either one particular candidate or all of them and have a meaningful discussion before you vote. You can also view their past work and interaction history in an easy to read report card and compare them against each other to make an informed choice

You can also view civic issues (reported by other people) of your consituency and engage with them by upvoting or contributing to the discussion. You can also simply snap a picture and report an issue under either road, electricity, water, public transport, sanitation and law and order. The issue is automatically routed to the right department through the existing legal mechanisms and is also open to the candidates. They can take up the responsibility to get it resolved and the system ensures that it reflects against their profiles and they earn brownie points for it. The citizens can in turn get real time updates of actions taken on the issue and can view its progress through the app.

The platform creates a win-win situation for all sides by helping government departments and candidates understand the current issues in an area and connect with the local pulse. Netas also find a medium to connect with their electorate and showcase their work, thus incentivizing Development and Issue based politics. The platform also provides an easy way to manage a volunteer team to help resolve issues faster.

The platform works similarly after the elections and connects users with their elected MLAs and provides the MLAs an incentive to deliver on their promises.