Sarthak Ahuja

I currently hold the position of Research Software Engineer at IBM Research, working in the Collaborative Cognition group at the Delhi office.

I work on both research and development side of projects in my job role; My current area of work includes building the cognitive platform IBM Watson Recruitment under the Watson Talent Management agenda.

As a part of the Collaborative Cognition agenda I work on extending Collaborative Decision Making to the recruitment domain; I also work on the Cogniculture project, where my team and I aim to develop next-gen social machines to acquire necessary socio-cultural adapability skills to sustain (e.g. essential supplies self-sufficiency), survive (e.g. protect from environmental threats), and evolve (e.g. co-create far superior social welfare) in a civilization.

My current research interests include affective computing, multi-agent systems and deep reinforcement learning

Prior to IBM, I graduated with an undergrad degree in Computer Science from IIIT-Delhi working on projects around machine learning and computer vision; Head of Product Development(Web) at Meri Awaaz; a member of the core team at Swarath (Autonomous Car Team @IIIT-Delhi) where I worked on the perception module; Research Associate at Precog (Social Media Analytics Group @IIIT-Delhi) where I worked on visual summarization of social media datasets.

I am always open to meeting people and discussing ideas and opportunities. Find my contact details here.